This is a collection of media from the initial releases of "The Amazing Transparent Man" (1960) in the Pacific Northwest. These are from the early Miller Consolidated Pictures run. After they went bankrupt (too many prizes?) American International Pictures picked up the film and released it later in the year with "Beyond the Time Barrier." The Pacific Northwest didn't get that double-bill. This one wasn't bad though, and those prizes!!!

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The Amazing Transparent Man (1960)
A crazed scientist invents an invisibility formula. He plans to use the formula to create an army of invisible zombies.
Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Writer: Jack Lewis
Stars: Marguerite Chapman, Douglas Kennedy, James Griffith
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Get Outta Town (1960)
In this obscure B potboiler, a longtime criminal returns to his native Los Angeles, determined to avenge his brother's murder.
Director: Charles Davis
Writer: Bob Wehling
Stars: Doug Wilson, Jeanne Baird, Marilyn O'Connor

January 21, 1960 ad (Seattle)

January 21, 1960 ad (Portland)

January 21, 1960 ad (Seattle)

January 22, 1960 ad (Seattle)

January 22, 1960 ad (Seattle)

January 23, 1960 ad (Seattle)

January 24, 1960 ad (Portland)

The Amazing Transparent Man (1960) poster

Get Outta Town (1960) poster

The Amazing Transparent Man (1960) trailer
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