The Haunting Fear

Directed by Fred Olen Ray 
Cast - Brinke Stevens, Jay Richardson, Delia Sheppard, Robert Clarke, Jan-Michael Vincent, Karen Black, Robert Quarry, Michael Berryman 

  Poor Victoria (Stevens) is haunted by nightmares of being buried alive. Fed up with his wife's nocturnal turmoil, Terry (Richardson) makes her an appointment with Dr. Carlton. Oddly enough, Victoria has reservations about this doctor, as she does not trust him. She can't shake the feeling that her own father was buried alive, and Dr. Carlton signed the death certificate. Later on, she agrees to see Dr. Julia Harcourt (Black) who hypnotizes hers and finds out that, in another life time, she actually was buried alive. Meanwhile Terry is getting it on with his secretary, and also has an $80,000 gambling debt to a local hood. Together they scheme to scare Victoria to death and inherit the large house her father left her. 

  Based on Edgar Allen Poe's Premature Burial, director Fred Olen Ray delivers an enjoyable modern version of this story. Actress Brinke Stevens is surprisingly good in her role, as the perpetually stressed out Victoria. Her nightmares are genuinely creepy and impressive from a horror stand point. In the cheap thrills department, there's a decent amount of nudity and some gore. The film builds up to a very good climax, and one scene at the end, looks like it was paying homage to Karen Black's role in Trilogy Of Terror. Recommended viewing for all horror fans or those of us who enjoy seeing Brinke Stevens completely naked.

-T. Luster



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