Hellraiser Clive Barker 1987 USA 

Debut outing for Barker provides a very entertaining film with a big helping of good special effects and surprisingly quite a large amount of gore for an R-rated feature.  Starmaker released this most essential version with the full digital remastering, LBX including behind the scenes footage, interviews and a number of Hellraiser trailers which can get quite tedious and annoying.  Film has a couple moving into a house once inhabited by the man's brother.  The brother purchased a sort of rubix cube from hell which can provide endless pleasure and pain, frank the brother gets the latter.

One evening the husband of the couple (Andy Robinson) injures his hand and his spilt blood brings his brother back to life.  His brother hooks in his wife to kill people for him so he can return to human form from draining them of blood.  She lures men into the house and bludgeons them with a hammer.  Ashley Lawrence is the daughter of Robinson who puts an end to it all.  Quite entertaining when the cenobites come back for Frank.  There's the infamous Pin-Head, a cool looking female cenobite with a weird opened up throat, a fat sluglike guy and a chattering teeth fellow.   Lots of nightmarish imagery and be sure not to miss the rats nailed to the walls.  "We have such sights to show you" and "We will tear your soul apart" are some catchy well known lines from the head honcho cenobite himself.

Richard J.Taylor



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