Playstation Network names

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Playstation Network names

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I got my PS3 for xmas and want some people on my friends list Image

My PSN name is Mortado. I will only be buying exclusives as I love my 360 and everyone I know has one. Plus the system keeps my employed so...

I have the following games and as of now am only sold on one.

Resistance Fall of Man - Seems like a very generic shooter to me, I don't get all the praise.

Warhawk - Ehhhh. I didn't make it pas the tutorial as I couldn't get the missles to work following the on-screen instructions, over and over again.

Demon's Souls - This one is a fucking winner. So hard, lots of dying and respawning but so rewarding.

PS: Based on the GTA 5 demo Forza 3 owns this generation.
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