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Upcoming games

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Spore: I have been waiting for this game for like 4 years. Seriously. It might be epic it might be crap. I probably wont buy it right away so if someone does, let me know.

Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
Supposed to be the greatest player vs player MMO ever. Looks pretty cool, but i am sick of buying games that end up sucking after a month or two and I have to bury my pride and go back to wow.

So if you end up playing either of these games. let us know the scoop.
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The Spore creature editor looks like a few minutes of good fun,but not for me so much.

However,being a total nerd and WH40k player.....Haha!Yes ,I play the game with the miniatures or models.I can't fucking wait for Warhammer online! I have been playing Dawn of War a bit as of late also.:metalhead
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