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Still Alive...

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:08 am
by Insane Wayne
...but fortunately not drunk.

What's happenin?!?!

Effluvia is still alive after a 4 year hiatus (rumors of our domestication have been greatly exaggerated) We just played Portland on March 4 with Nekro Drunkz, Fetid, and Acid Feast. The 2006 self titled album has now been remastered and all old material is now available digitally through iTunes, Amazon, etc. We're also talking about cassette reissues. A third album may be in the works too.

Me personally I'm nearly finished with my MBA, I figured fuck it, I'll utilize my time, do freelance voice-over and studio work plus do classes. What to do with the MBA, not too sure yet, but it's a good tool in the resume arsenal.

Also for those who remember the NW Metal Zone on, I have taken over as the new host. It's been renamed Tuesday Metal Mayhem and yes I'm always looking for local music to play. it's on Facebook too.