Last Local S2C Show for a while!

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Last Local S2C Show for a while!

Post by Attila_the_Hun*S2C* »

Actually probably our last S2C Show for 08. Lots of things happening in the interim. So, Come on out to El Corazon, 8/29/08 Fri night and help us destroy the venue with Windowpane and Stabbingback! We have 8 dolla tix available and it's sure to be a good time! :metalhead

As many of you know, Scotty our main man will be going under the knife in mid sept to correct some problems in his nasal passages. Wish him luck and a speedy recovery! We look to be entering the Studio in Nov to drop what we are sure will be the best album we have ever done. Please visit our myspace to become a part of it! Peace and luv to you all peeps!

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Post by wadruid »

Looks like I will be there!! Carrie is going out of town on Friday night, but since I have to work on Saturday, I'll be bacheloring it on Friday!! See ya there!!
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Jason S2C
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Post by Jason S2C »

Yeah, looks like I'll be there too.
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Post by RockMyMonkey »

wish I could but I've been up since four am and will be asleep in an hour or two.
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Post by Irrylath »

see you bastards there! :metalhead
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