Ocular Trauma - Fulci Eyes

I have been a big fan of eyeball related violence in horror films for a long time. There's just something about damage to eyes that makes me cringe. After digging through my memory and hitting up the good people of alt.horror, alt.cult-movies, and my own HORRORNEWS, this is what I have come up with. It's my celebration of eyeball related violence in films.


The Eyes of Lucio Fulci

Let's get the (eye)ball rolling with a couple of captures from "The Beyond". I tried to get the bit from the spider scene but due to the darkness of the Japanese print I was unable to get a halfway decent snap of it. Joe gets the gouge in THE BEYOND

Ya know, I kind of felt bad that Joe had to die so early in the film. I sensed a kind of spark between him and Martha and wanted to see if something became of it.

"Thank you, Martha."

Joe's eye, stage 2
Who could ever forget the piercing of lovely Olga Karlottos' eye in "Zombies 2"? Not me! I saw this at a drive in at age 12. I was already amazed from seeng her nude coming out of the shower. Then this very impressive scene. Olga Karlotos gets pierced in ZOMBIES 2
Whew! I feel sorry for those of you who have only seen this in a pan and scan video version. This scene, maybe more than any other from a Fulci film, must be seen in a letterboxed format to be truly appreciated. The splinter breaks away
A lovely lady goes under the blade of the duck voiced killer in"The New York Ripper". Why on earth did the guy decide to do this? Hadn't he already put the poor lady through enough? Eyeball slice from New York Ripper

I personally think that this was Lucio's meanest film. But hey... it's Fulci so it's a valuable part of anyone's collection.

Another shot of the eyeball slice from THE NEW YORK RIPPER

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