The Savage Island: Anthropophagus

Standard Italian gore slasher directed by a maestro of the genre Joe D'Amato. Thanks must go out to The Gore-met for holding onto a copy of this for me for such a loooooong time! D'Amato has made better flicks but Anthro Beast really isn't that bad while its nothing special its still worth watching if your really into these kind of films.

Tisa Farrow of Zombie stars along with the chick who had her breasts skewered by hooks in Cannibal Ferox (A.k.a. Make Them Die Slowly). Farrow "hooks" up (hehe) with a group of people about to go on a boating vacation. Farrow is behind schedule to go to an island where she helps out a family. The group travel by boat even after a series of superstitious warnings and bad feelings about the place. When they arrive, they find the island deserted but unbeknownst to them a hungry cannibal (George Eastman) is lurking around just waiting to make a meal out of them.

The film benefits from authentic set locations which add an element of class to it, the music is fitfully bad but the dubbed actors do a decent job for this type of film even if the voices are melodramatic. Its too bad the plot is the same old stalk and kill routine of each cast member meeting a horrible demise including one "dandy" scene where a pregnant woman has her fetus hauled out and eaten (all fake of course, some part of a dead pig was used I believe). The self cannibalism bit at the end is very well known by fans alike. If your looking for a decent, not too idiotic horror film Anthropophagus should fit your bill nicely.

Rating: 3 out of 5

"agrrrhhh!!!! my guts are falling out, oh well, might as well get some use out of them and eat them, mmmmphhhh!!!"

Richard Taylor



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