AFTERMATH (1994) 30Min.

Director: Nacho Cerda

Cast: Pep Tosar

Special FX: DDT

Well here we have a rare bird, a thirty-minute Spanish production of love. Now those of you who have been lucky enough to see this one know what I’m talking about and you probably have one of two thoughts. Some of you probably find it utterly disgusting and that’s O.K., necrophilia just ain’t your cup of tea, nor is it mine, but I have to admit that this is the greatest drama movie in cinematic history.

In case you are wondering, this movie takes place in an autopsy room where there are two dudes slicing up bodies, removing organs, and sewing the bodies back up again. The mannequins which they are using look as real as you and I lying naked on a table. One of the guys, obviously hurting for some lovin’ decides to lock himself in a room with a female corpse that has just arrived. He cuts off her clothes and begins fondling her when he decides to stick his knife into her vagina and cut her open. (Shades of Cannibal Corpse) His testosterone beginning to flow, he jacks off, sets up a camera and jumps on top of her, thrusting with all of his might. When he is finished he bags a couple of her entrails and takes them home, puts them in the blender than feeds them to his dog.

The then ends on a dramatic note by showing the girls obituary in the paper. O.K., by now you are probably saying to yourself that I really am a sick son of a bitch, but I’m not, honest I tell you, I just like to sit down and watch a nice drama every once and a while. (heehee)

Oh yeah, do you think this still counts as rape???

Blood and Guts: A+

Doug Brotherton



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