Director: Max Raven
Cast: Scott Davis, Jude Johnson, Blue Thompson
Special FX: Dark FX LTD.

Here it is, The Abomination, guaranteed to have you chanting the title out loud before you are done watching. Quick Tip: fast forward until you get to the credits and then watch the movie. When you are done, rewind everything and watch the first five minutes and see how much time you just wasted. Well there isn’t much plot to speak of, except that a guys mom pukes up some 5000 year old demon turd thingie which turns out to be the Abomination. This movie will turn out pretty good if you go into viewing it thinking that it will be the worst thing you’ve ever seen. The Abomination somehow crawls into the sons mouth and begins to take over his body and his mind.

Cody, the son, then pukes the Abomination up and lets it grow under his bed, waiting till it gets big enough before feeding it human bodies and all that good stuff. Filled with gore and a hilariously scandalous preacher who gets what he deserves when the Abomination eats him while he’s on the crapper.

Blood and Guts: A+


Doug Brotherton

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