Long story short--FORGET the PG-13 rating. All that means is that nobody yells "Fuck me! Fuck me!" while hammering herself with a crucifix. And we've seen that already. 

This one makes an interesting comparison to the AMITYVILLE HORROR remake as a study in contrasts. They're both "based on true stories," but the new AMITYVILLE was made by people who did NOT believe in the source story and chose to play hell with it in an utter send-up. 

But THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE treats its story with the utmost seriousness, giving equal attention to the medical and spiritual theories behind this rather harrowing case. 

There are PLENTY of shocks, but not once does this play as an exploitation film of any kind (not much ammo for the "not a horror movie" crowd). 

The result, in my opinion, may very well be the best exorcism-themed movie since THE EXORCIST itself. 

But rather than continue to pre-sell it, I'd really like to hear some of your reactions first. 

And I'll just have to cry in my beer over missing CRY WOLF and VENOM.

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