Still in the arthouses, but finally out of "limited release" hell. A mainstream hit this could never be, but you'll certainly want to see the followup from the director of SESSION 9. 

We've all heard how Christian Bale lost 63 pounds to play the tormented protagonist--but believe me, there's far more to his presence than his physical appearance (which, of course, is frightening enough here). And that's crucial. 

If the point of THE MACHINIST were to build up to a surprise ending--to challenge you to second-guess the resolution--then it would be a failure. It's too easy to stay ahead of Trevor as the potentially lethal harrassment of a mysterious co-worker begins--and the film proceeds down the exact road you expect it to. At least, as far as the PLOT goes. 

But the point of THE MACHINIST isn't WHAT it is. It's HOW it is. You've got top-drawer acting from Bale and Jennifer Jason Leigh (not to mention Michael Ironside!) You have excruciating suspense sequences (the pre-credit preview will certainly grab you), powerfully dark, color-drained "dead" cinematography, and hugely disturbing setpieces (the industrial accident and the carnival ride, to name two). 

Of course you'll have it figured out. But it won't stop the film from working, and that's the point. And there's far more than simple "I was right" satisfaction at the end--there's cinematic and emotional CLOSURE to be had, as well. 

It's a rough ride, but it's well worth it. THE MACHINIST deserves your attention.

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