You wanted to know how ANACONDAS stacked up against BOA VS PYTHON (this is important--there is no dot after the "VS" on the actual title card of the film)--so I gotta tell ya... it fell short! 

BOA VS PYTHON knows exactly what it is and treats itself as such, and it brings back the sense of humor that helped the first PYTHON to shine in comparison to its lamentable sequel. 

No continuing characters (I assume, since I still haven't seen BOA and Dean Cain isn't in this one)--sequel in name only. 

Spoiled brat/big game hunter/Rambo wannabe special orders a giant python for an illegal "millionaires only" hunting party. But the transportation is a failure, and yet another super python gets turned loose in Pennsylvania. Cancel the private party? Hell, no! Let's just reschedule it and turn the idiots loose in a completely different arena! 

And in the meantime, our government catches wind of a super BOA! With the permission of its breeder, it's hooked up with tracking devices and set loose to chase down the super python--followed a little too closely by an official hit squad. 

Yep--legal commandos run smack into the illegal hunters... python meets boa... everybody's screwed. 

It's a riot. We're misled at the beginning by an Atlantic City wrestling match that just HAPPENS to highlight two masked grapplers named "Python" and "Boa." The clueless idiots are actually PORTRAYED as clueless idiots instead of simply coming off that way on screen. The snake attack scenes go for the rude ("Oh, don't stop, baby...") and the just plain funny (everyone on the dance floor tries to warn the DJ about the giant snake, and he interprets the pointing fingers as a new move being "busted")... oh, and there's a generous helping of gratuitous nudity (though there are two Playmates in the cast, only one of them disrobes--Jaime Bergman is determined to make it on talent alone). on and so forth, and yes, the two snakes finally have a showdown. 

Sure. It's CGI (and a little puppet action). You couldn't possibly take a second of this movie seriously. But nobody ASKS you to, and that makes a huge difference. You knew EXACTLY what you were getting into when you saw the cover of this sucker. 

So if you see only ONE direct-to-video giant CGI snake movie, by all means, make it BOA VS PYTHON. Guilty pleasure material at its best.

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