Scary Movie 3

kay--the SCARY MOVIE franchise has left the Wayans and gone to the Zuckers... who sort of invented this whole type of spoof, anyway. And as far as I can tell, Anna Faris is the only returning character--she's still named Cindy, but she's blonde now. 

We're also down to a PG-13... that means no dicks through the ears, and no geyser come-shots. What do we substitute? Surprisingly--child abuse! And LOTS of it! (Hey, since it worked so well in FREDDY GOT FINGERED...) 

You got the idea from the trailers--it's equal parts THE RING and SIGNS for the most part... though they spend so much time spoofing 8 MILE that you almost forget this is supposed to be a "scary movie." 

On the whole--it's better than SCARY MOVIE 2 (which is saying practically nothing) and not nearly as outrageous as the original (groan if you will, but it made me laugh a lot and that's all that counts). A few chuckles... mostly predictable, grade-school stuff. 

HOWEVER.... there is at least ONE classic sequence--and where people complain that the first two got R ratings where they should have been NC-17s, this one pushes a PG-13 to where plenty of people would consider it an R. 

And it starts with the words "It's a wake." 

Matinee on an extremely dull day will do--otherwise, wait for the video.

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