When you accept that I make it a point to see every genre-related film that plays in my area, regardless of whether or not I think it's going to be any good, a question still remains. 

The question now reads thus: 

Considering that I DID go see QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, SWIMFAN and FEARDOTCOM last year, why in the screaming yellow HELL didn't I get to see BELOW? 

(If anyone's wondering, it's the haunted submarine movie from the director of PITCH BLACK--I'm not going to spell the story out, since I think it's better to just let this one happen.) 

Pardon the hell out of BELOW for being intelligent and (forgive the pun) "deep." I'm happy enough to sit through something like GHOST SHIP--it had a great beginning and ending, while the middle, though nothing special, was "old pair of slippers" familiar without being torturous. But BELOW had the total package--we're talking scripting, acting and yes, even a healthy number of good old-fashioned seat-jumping jolts. 

Oh, and any Marx Brothers fans out there? Remember the "mirror" scene in DUCK SOUP? Well, BELOW isn't a comedy, but... watch for it. 

Great DVD, at least... but dammit, I wish I could have seen this on the big screen! I'd still have picked FRAILTY as the best of 2003, but BELOW would certainly have made the top five! 

Well, it's out now. So rent it.

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