Zombie Cult Massacre

Directed by Jeff Dunn

This shot-on-video gorefest opens with Marvin and Sally driving to the town Marvin grew up in. They hit a zombie on their way their and Marvin is bitten when going to investigate. The two are rescued by a Stone Cold Steve Austin lookalike and his wife and brought back to the cult compound. The compound itself is somewhat reminiscent of the facilities in "Day of the Dead" being surrounded by fences to hold back the hordes of flesh-eating ghouls. Marvin's bite is treated by strange drugs and "therapy," curing his would but at the same time converting him into a full-blown slave of the cult. The fire-and brimstone spewing cult leader does his best to convert Sally, but his efforts fail when she catches him getting head from one of the other girls in the cult. Marvin meets up with Satan in a number of dream/hallucination sequences and soon gets the notion that he is the"chosen one" who is destined to lead the cult. A biker, who has been lured to the compound by a couple of cult babes, escapes and brings his "gang" back to seek vengeance. Mayhem ensues in a blood drenched finale.

Although I am prejudiced against shot-on-video movies, I found this one to be quite entertaining. Jeff Dunn (and FX guy Jim Van Bebber) didn't skimp on the sauce and the effects (although seemingly hampered by budgetary constraints) were good and juicy. Unlike a lot of other zombie flicks, this one didn't borrow heavily from Romero and Fulci's films and had a unique story. I would have liked to know a little more on the background of the cult and how it came into existence but hey, you can't have everything. The required nudity was also present, which also adds to any movie!

If you're looking for a little fresh blood in the zombie film genre and don't have a problem with some cheesy blue-screen effects, you can't go wrong with this one. Although I will not call it an "instant cult classic" or anything like that, it did keep my attention and entertain me and my friends consistently.



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