Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence

ZOMBIE ‘90 (1990) 74Min. 
Director: Andreas Schnass
Cast: Matthais Kerl, Ralf Hess, Matthias Abbes, and Marc Trinkhaus
Special Fx: Andreas Schnaas

You asked for it and you got it. This is the German equivalent of Redneck Zombies, except for one thing: this movie is actually funny. Everything you ever wanted in a movie is here: cheesy acting, gore galore, and the funniest overdubbed dialogue which sounds like they made up as they went along. There is one dude, a macho-shit doctor, who has the overdubbed voice of a black pimp. Another doctor has a limpwristed overdub.

Complete with mutilated corpses, head shots, chainsaws, penis mutilations, and all kinds of other carnage, this is a great party movie, In Euro-land a plane crash in some forest somehow creates zombies. Two doctors set out to try and dispose of the zombies, but to no avail as they get wasted. This movie is great, for it offers no character development. A bunch of walk-ons show up, pick their nose for a minute and get slaughtered, the way that it ought to be. If you are into senseless stupidity and violence and don’t give a shit about budget or plot, then this is the movie for you.

Best lines: "It’s pretty foggy out here; I wonder if she farted and didn’t tell me." "I love the smell of zombies in the morning." Crazy stuff!

Blood and Guts: A+ 
Doug Brotherton



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