Black Past 85min. 1990 
Director: Olaf Ittenbach 
Cast: Olaf Ittenbach, Andrea Archter, and Andre Stryl 
FX: Olaf Ittenbach

Ittenbach’s first movie is a gorehound’s dream come true!!! It is in German with no subtitles, but you won’t care. For it is the gore and violence we have all come to see and boy do we ever get treated in this one.

In the prologue, set in 1978, a guy with some nasty looking soars on his hands murders a little girl (his sister I presume) with a meatcleaver. When the story starts up, in the present, we see a guy getting beat up by a couple of bullies. Later, while digging around in his attic he finds a small chest that is locked. Upon opening it he finds a mirror and diary inside. He hangs the mirror on the wall in his room and begins to read the diary. That night the gruesomely gory nightmares begin. The mirror turns out to be cursed and leads him on a path to lunacy.

In one dream sequence our eyes get obliterated with scenes after scene of carnage: penis’ are nailed to tables, bodies ripped apart, a body cut open with an electric carver followed by the entrails being ripped apart, etc. etc. Things get even gorier after the guy looses it and gets transformed into a buddy-hacking monster, literally. In the end, however, the mirror is broken and the guy gets nailed with an ax in the gut. After violently pulling his guts out ALA Grim Reaper-style he melts ‘till his death.

These amateurs of the German Underground should be worshipped by all gorehound’s for producing such fine films. The GU is the equivalent of the early 80’s Italian cinema, ‘cept for the difference in budgets.

Blood and Guts: A+

 Doug Brotherton



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