BLACK  MAGIC  1973 aka Baba Yaga, The Devil Witch, Kiss Me Kill Me 
Directed by Corrado Farina 
Cast - Isabella De Frunes, Carroll Baker, George Eastman, Ely Galleani 

  Here's a very strange Italian French co-production. Lovely fashion photographer Valentina (De Frunes) becomes unwillingly involved with this mysterious woman named Baba Yaga (Baker). Valentina agrees to visit this woman's home, and is given this strange doll, that resembles one of her models in a S & M outfit. A series of events lead Valentina to believe that her camera is possessed and that the doll is some sort of evil pawn. Baba Yaga is determined to possess Valentina's body and soul, and tries 
diminish her will power. Valentina logically knows this woman is evil, but ultimately has trouble defying her power of suggestion. 

  Despite the fact it's slowly paced, this is a stylish film that does a nice job of mixing surreal visuals, sexual fetishes and supernatural horror. Several dreamlike scenes are symbolic to what's happening in the film, but leaves much for the viewer to decipher themselves. Actress Isabelle De Frunes provides an erotic sexual presence, and does get naked several times. Although there are not a lot of sex scenes, there is a decent amount of nudity. In the mood for an artsy horror film that's just sleazy enough to be enjoyable? Well then, leave reality at the door, and enjoy the ride, as this one isn't too bad for a slow film. Recommended viewing for fans of European horror wanting to see something more that a little strange.

-T. Luster



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