Satan's Slave

Directed by Norman J. Warren 
 Cast - Michael Gough, Candace Glendenning, Martin Potter, Barbara Kellerman

The story takes place in modern day England. Cathrine (Glendenning) goes on a trip, with her parents, to her uncle's house. Just as they arrive the car crashes, and seconds later explodes. Cathrine escapes, but both of her parents die. Uncle Alexander retrieves Cathrine and takes her in. For some odd reason Cathrine has never met Alexander (Gough) or her cousin Stephen (Potter). As the days pass, she's having bizarre visions of women being tortured and murdered. Alexander keeps telling that she's in shock, and generously prescribes pills for her. Meanwhile, Cathrine starts to become sexually involved with Stephen. Unknown to her Stephen is a psychopath who murders women, and Alexander is a necromancer who plans to use her in a satanic ritual to resurrect his dead wife.

SATAN'S SLAVE is a pleasant surprise. It's just about as gory and sleazy as any Italian giallo that I've seen. A guy jumps from a building and his head splatters, a woman gets branded with a hot iron in detail, another woman gets pinned to a door with a large knife through her mouth, but the highlight for me was the guy getting a nail file stuck through his eye! There's several nude scenes, including a few brief shots of the lovely blue eyed Glendenning. Most of the film involves the interaction among the main characters, and just when it starts to get a bit slow, somebody either gets killed or gets naked. Recommended viewing for horror fans looking for a good low budget shocker.




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