BIZARRE aka Profumo 1986 
Directed by Giuliana Gamba 
Cast - Florence Guerin, Luciano Bartolo, Robert Egon

If you're in the mood for a good Italian pycho-sleaze film, try this one. Florence Guerin is becoming weary of her husband's psychosexual games. He's into kinky stuff, like caressing her body with a pistol and then shoving it rather delicate places, or having strange men pick up his wife and seduce he while he watches. She's had enough and heads off to an isolated beach house. There she meets a young blonde teenager and slowly becomes obsessed with him. Later, she discovers that her husband's kinky tendencies have rubbed off on her as well. Once the husband discovers these two are getting it on, he becomes furious (probably because he couldn't watch). This sets the stage for an eventual final confrontation between them. 

BIZARRE has enough nudity and sex scenes to be considered soft core erotica. (Erotica = nice word for porn). Beautiful Florence Guerin shows off her body quite often and the sex scenes are pretty darn steamy. One of the film's kinky twists is when Guerin convinces her new blonde boyfriend to pose as a female, while she posses as a male in public. This is actually relevant to the plot. This trashy Italian drama is a lot more interesting than those Hollywood made R-rated dramas that actress Shannon Tweed always stars in. Recommended viewing for Italian cinema fans or people who just want to see Florence Guerin completely naked.




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