Directed by Fred Olen Ray 
 Cast - William Fair, Angelique Pettyjohn, David Pearson, Frank McDonald, Aldo Ray, Christopher Ray 
  Using Angelique Pettyjohn's unique mental abilities, a scientist experiments with "Psychic Materialization". In front of a general and two politicians, they conduct of successful materialization of an object from another dimension. The general decides to take this odd looking, crate sized object back with him. Bad move! It turns out that there's a 4 foot tall reptilian bio-monster inside, and it breaks loose. The creature goes on a bloody killing spree, and the military assigns one man to find it. With the help of Pettyjohn, Williams Fair uses her psychic abilities to track down this creature.


  BIOHAZARD is an enjoyable low budget sci-fi/horror film with plenty of flaws. The military personnel are completely unrealistic, the acting is bad, and some of the film's cheap looking special effects are laughable. One scene shows this little foot long alien critter coming out of a capsule, and it's sound effects are of a growling dog! The bio-monster, played by Fred's son Christopher, is cool looking but not exactly menacing either. On the bright side, there are some good gore scenes and a little nudity. Actress Angelique Pettyjohn is always a pleasure to see. My favorite scene features the creature stomping on an E.T. poster. The out-takes during the ending credits are just as much fun as the movie. By no means is this a well made film, but it does have a certain low budget charm. Recommended viewing for those of us into silly alien flicks.

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