Xtro title screenshot The film starts out with loud noises and bright lights, sure signs of a landing by an extraterrestrial being. The boy, Tony, and his dad, Sam, are outside and obviously shaken up by the whole thing. Tony's mom and her boyfriend don't believe the story he tells of the abduction, blaming it on Tony's denial of the fact that his father left the two of them. They will find out the truth before the film's conclusion.


Tony and his dad, Sam, see the alien craft Tony and his dad get their first look at the alien spacecraft. Tony is appearing windbown Since aliens make a lot of wind, Tony is separated from his father. Dad gets blown about as well Sam is blown away by the mighty powers of the extraterrestrial.
At the same time Tony is having his dream a ship comes to Earth While Tony "dreams" the alien lands in the countryside. We are treated to uor first look at the alien We are then treated with our first look at the slimy xtro invader. The alien is treated to his first taste of human flesh The alien is then treated to his first taste of human flesh. Yummy!
The alien finds a host for his child The alien finds a host for it's child at a nearby residence. Alien penis I felt obligated to use this picture. Ever seen alien genitalia before? The morning after his dream Tony's mother finds him covered with blood Tony wakes up in the morning covered with blood... not his own.
The alien-raped woman's dog muches on the aliens remains The dog of the alien's female victim munches on alien remains. The pain of alien/human childbirth She wakes up with some serious abdominal discomfort. It's going to be a big one! Judging by the size of her belly, it's gonna be a hell of a huge kid.
She's gonna pop! Just about ready to pop, folks! You had better stand back! Her water has broken... Yucchh!!! Ugh... her water broke. This kind of reminds me of a GWAR show. I see.... I see it's head! Would you look at the size of that head! This is no normal kid.
It's a full grown man! I can hardly believe it! Free at last! A baby delivering itself. What a novel concept. Someone's got to cut the cord! Aren't you a little old to finally be cutting your umbilical cord? Sam comes home much to the dissatisfaction of his wife Sam comes home to his family. His wife is less than pleased.
Her boyfriend isn't too happy about it either Her boyfriend, Joe, isnt too happy with the situation himself. Sam eats the eggs of Tony's pet snake Tony catches his pop eating his pet snake's eggs and runs away. tony's mom and boyfriend go looking for him Mom and Joe find Tony missing. They leave to find him.
Tony is scared of his pop Tony hides from his Sam. Why, because he likes exotic foods? Sam tells Tony what happened Sam explains that he's been on a foreign planet and has changed. Sam comforts Tony Now that that's settled, how about a hug for your father?
Tony is stunned by his father's affection Looks like Tony hasn't had any parental affection for some time! A HELL of a lot of suction That's some suction! He should change his name to Hoover! Mom and Joe return home to find Tony and his dad playing together Done with their search, Mom and Joe find the boy playing happily.

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Maryam D'Abo's nude scene from Xtro

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