The Story of Ricky

The Story of Ricky
The People of the Prison

People in the prison, 1-3

People of the prison, 4-6

If you want to be as tough as Ricky you gotta work for it!

Ricky meditating and training, A pic of his teacher

People aren't nice at all to Ricky

Ricky be getting fucked up right and left!

Lots of eye tricks in this movie

Three good eye tricks....

Things NOT to do in prison

Ricky does all the wrong things...he will never be a trustee

This is what happens when ya break the rules!

Ricky wearing a concrete suit and fighting off the crushing ceiling of DEATH!!!

Life is rough on everyone, not just Ricky

Life is hell in a private prison... Pain and suffering run rampant

Assorted Violence

A Nail through the hand, a punch through the jaw, and a shattered forearm!!!

Big guy smashes head. owner makes burgers, and Ricky gets some head!

Sorry folks...No spoilers this time! Gotta watch it yourself!!!

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