The most popular band of the time...the Juicy Fruits 
The Juicy Fruits, superstars of the current nostalgia craze performing a concert

Winslow is suckered into giving his rock opera away to Swan's henchman 
Swan (Paul Willams) is looking for a new musical sound to open his new rock theater with. Winslow Leach (William Finley) does an impromtptu performance (350k ra3 file) and catches his attention... Philbin tells Winslow the song would be perfect for The Juicy Fruits, which pisses him off. Winslow gives Philbin the score for his rock opera Faust despite the fact that he is an obvious sleaze.
Winslow goes to Swan's office to see about his music and is thrown out by Swan's goons. He then heads to Swan's house 
After not hearing anything from Swan for a month Winslow heads for the Death Records office where he is promptly removed. Frustrated, he heads for Swan's house to see what's going on.
Winslow arrives at Swan's mansion to find he is casting for his version of Winslow's rock opera. He meets Jessica Harper and they hit it offWinslow is excited to find a houseful of women singing one of his songs. He hears Phoenix (Jessica Harper) singing and really likes it. They get along spectacularly until Winslow is told he can't gain admission to the "auditions". So he goes and finds a dress and some makeup.
Swan finds Winslow dressing in drag in order to meet him so he has him removed and beaten 
Swan arrives to see Winslow all dressed up wanting to talk to him and promptly has him removed and beaten severely by his hired goons.
The cops plant drugs on Winslow and he is sent to Sing Sing where he gets metal teeth and loses his mind 
The cops outside of Swan's house plant drugs on Winslow. He's sentenced to do time at Sing Sing.

Winslow goes nuts after hearing The Juicy Fruits do Faust .on the radio and goes nuts, attacks a guard and escapes. Once out he heads straight for the Death Records press plant.

Winslow loses his balance and falls into one of the presses. The metal mother does a number on his face. He boogies from the press plant and falls into a nearby river. The press reports his death.

While rehearsing for the opening show of the Paradise the Juicy Fruits are blown up by Winslow the Phantom.

Winslow meets Swan and signs a contract in blood with him to re-write Faust for Phoenix to sing. Upon completion of his writing Swan steals the music and walls Winslow in to rot.

Beef (Gerritt Graham) is announced as the new singer for the rock opera. Winslow confronts him in the shower and threatens to kill him if he sings. Philbin convinces Beef that it's just opening night jitters.

The Paradise opens and Faust is a concert of epic proportions. Beef sings and as threatened is killed by a renegade neon lightning bolt from the skies. The crowd goes wild at the performance.

Beef's dead so Phoenix gets her big chance. The crowd loves her and so does Swan. She meets up with Winslow on her way to Swans car. Winslow tells her who he is and she replies with "Winslow's dead." Winslow goes back to Swans mansion for the shock to end all shocks.

Phoenix is in bed with Swan! Winslow cannot stand that so he stabs himself in the chest. Download the soundtrack for Winslow's suicide scene (297k .ra file) NEW- Faith and the Muse covering "Old Souls." (783k .rm file)

Swan comes up to the roof and informs Winslow that he cannot die because of his contractual obligation. Swan has to die for Winslow to die. The marriage of Swan and Phoenix live on network television is announced on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Winslow breaks into Swan's video vaults and discovers that Swan's got a Dorian Gray thing going on in video media from an earlier deal with the devil. He also sees a drunken Phoenix signing a contract (name in blood style) with the evil Swan.

After Winslow destroys the tapes Swan's true face shows at the wedding. Winslow saves Phoenix by killing Swan, but that action opens the gaping wound in his own chest.

In what seems to be a last dying gesture, Winslow makes his way across the stage to Phoenix who recognizes him at last but unfortunately it's a bit late for that. Winslow's dead...

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