Island of Lost Souls

Parker is brought aboard the freighter Edward Parker is found drifting at sea, delirious and on the brink of death. The crew of the freighter Covena brings him aboard and to safety. Parker tours boat with Montgomery Parker tours the vessel and talks with with Montgomery, Moreau's assistant. about the island and the cargo, a virtual zoo, that is heading there. Parker meets the captain The intoxicated Captain Davies is surprised to see a new face on the boat. He tells how Moureau's Island is spoken of in hushed tones throughout the seas.
Captain Davies yells at Ling The Captain shakes up Moreau's servant Ling by yelling at him. Ling spills some slop on the Captain who returns the favor with a punch. Parker is offloaded onto Moreau's boat Parker and the Captain just can't seem to get along. Captain Davies coldcocks Parker and offloads him to Moreau's boat along with the rest of the cargo. Moreau protests the offload of Parker Moreau protests the dumping of Parker, telling Captain Davies that there are laws against that kind of thing. Laws don't seem to mean much to him.
Parker, Montgomery, and Moreau steaming to the island The three men steam to Moreau's island. Parker is treated well and promised a ride to his intended port of call the following day. The strange looking crew of Moreau's boat The crew of Moreau's boat is very odd looking. Parker does a lot of staring but surprisingly says nothing to either Moreau or Montgomery. Moreau and Parker in the mouth of a cave near the dock Shortly after arriving on the island Moreau takes Parker aside and advises him to stick close, for the jungle can be a very dangerous place.
Moreau and Parker waling through the jungle As the men walk through the jungle they encounter a variety of strange looking men. Moreau handily dispatches them with his trusty bullwhip. Parker, Moreau, and Montgomery sit down for a meal After the men eat, a strange almost human, howling is heard. Moreau tells Parker "You are a man of discretion" and quickly moves to a new topic. The howling is heard again! Moreau introduces Parker to Lota, a beautiful native, as part of an experiment. They get along just fine. The hideous scream is heard again.
Moreau and Montgomery vivisect one of their creations Parker rushes to investigate the source of the noise. He finds Moreau and Montgomery involve in the vivisection of what seems to be a living person. Parker decides to escape the island with Lota Scared out of his wits, Parker goes back to his room to get Lota and escape. He doesn't know what to expect in the jungle at night! Parker and Lota are menaced by the Doctor's creations Shortly after leaving the compound, Lota and parker find themselves surrounded by strange creatures, half man and half animal. Notice Lugosi on the right.
Moreau shouts out What is the Law? Moreau comes to their aid, banging his gong and cracking his whip. He gets his creatures attention and shouts "What is the Law?" Lugosi delivers the classic What is the law scene Bela Lugosi, as the Keeper of the Law, leads the creatures through the speaking of the law. Click here to stream Lugosi's chilling scene (.ra) Moreau explains his experiments to Parker Moreau brings Parker back to the house and explains his experiments. It is now plainly obvious that the Doctor has some kind of God complex going on.
Discovery of the sinking boat Early the next morning the men go off to get Parker home. They are shocked to discover that the boat is sinking. Moreau blames it on the "natives" Rita asks the Captain where Parker is The freighter arrives back in Apia. Ruth asks Captain Davies where Parker, her fiancée, is. Davies is very uncooperative and again insists that he was right. Ruth enlists the aid of a good seaman to take her to the island Ruth goes to the American consulate in Apia and tells her story. Captain Davies is scolded by the Admiral and Ruth gets herself a ride to Moreau's island.
Lota is falling hard for Parker Lota is obviously falling in love with Parker. Parker almost falls for her beauty and innocence but stops for he is in love with Ruth back home. Ruth and the Salty one arrive Ruth and Captain Donahue arrive on the island. As they reach Moreau's house one of his creations takes a liking to  lovely Ruth. It will be a long night. The creatures are ready to revolt  The manimals are angry because Moreau has broken the law. They realize that Moreau is not the creator, just a man who can be killed like others.

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