A Film by Lamberto Bava

Lamberto Bava directed this Dario Argento produced gorefest in 1985. The premise is quite simple. A group of people gather in a new movie house called The Metropolis" to view a film. We are (slightly) introduced to the characters and the movie (in the Metropolis) begins. The folks are watching a movie about demons when the events portrayed in the film start happening for real, right there in the theater. From there on out we have what is basically an Italian zombie movie (if you are bitten you become one) with the normal people trapped inside the Metropolis protecting themselves against the demons. I'll be the first to admit that there is not too much of a plot to this film. But hey, plot is not what this is all about. The film maintains a level of excitement continually, there is never a dull moment. Add to this some stunning visuals, cool special effects by Sergio Stivaletti, and a rocking soundtrack featuring Motley Crue, Accept, Billy Idol, Claudio Simonetti (of Goblin) and others. All in all this is simply a fun film to watch. Enjoy the captures from the movie!


Michele Soavi
Rosemary tries the mask on
She should have known better
Picture of Rosemary
Rosemary, the first demon
Who is this?
The mysterious woman in green
nice teeth!
Perhaps dental work is in order
Rosemary claims some victims
picture of moviescreen
It's happening just like in the movie!
generic demon
Now he's "an instrument of evil."
Finger biting
Is this what is meant by a "finger snack?"
pic of a woman arching her back
What's going on with her back?
Soon to be demon
There is something inside...
Real Demon
How did this large demon fit inside her?
The survivors are trapped
Demons with glowing eyes
Here come the demon hordes!
Handy lobby decorations
Riding bike in theater
Racing with the demons
Slice of the blade
Doesn't he look pissed?
A helicopter crashes in the theater



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