"Woe be unto him who opens one of the seven gateways to hell, because through that gateway evil will invade the world"

Hotel sign (3439 bytes) Angry villagers (4166 bytes)
Louisiana, 1927- A typical hotel? It may look that way, but this is a Lucio Fulci film! A group of angry citizens makes their way to the hotel to destroy a man they say is a warlock.
chainwhipped (6433 bytes) Nail in wrist (6992 bytes)
The man, Schmeikel, tells the men that "The hotel was built over one of the seven doors of evil, and only I can save you." The people don't seem to care to hear that and savagely chainwhip him, nail him to a wall and throw a caustic fluid on him, leaving him to die a slow and miserable death.
Liza (5157 bytes)
Liza (5157 bytes)
John (3376 bytes)
A woman named Liza (Katherine McColl)  comes to town to restore the hotel and get away from the rat race in the big city. A worker falls of a scaffold and falls to the ground screaming "The eyes, the eyes!" The local doctor, John (David Warbeck) comes to the aid of the injured man.
Joe, the plumber, arrives (6241 bytes) Thank you, Martha (2728 bytes)
Joe, the plumber, comes by the hotel to take care of the water problem in the basement. There seems to be some kind of strange connection between him and Martha (far right) but nothing is made clear in relation to this subject. He heads for the dark and damp basement of the evil hotel.
Joe says goodbye to his eye (4900 bytes) Liza and Emily (6320 bytes)
Joe suffers a little ocular trauma when a claw pops of of the wall down in the basement. Yikes, that's gotta hurt! Liza meets a mysterious blind woman named Emily (right) who fills her in on the history of the hotel and advises her to get out of town while the going is still good.
Tarantulas take a bite (3698 bytes) Gead face of the victim of killer spiders (3767 bytes)
Liza's interior decorator goes to do some research on the hotel when unseen forces knock him to the ground. He is then attacked by vicious killer tarantulas. He wont be working any more.
Hotel corpse in lab (6675 bytes) Joe's back (3259 bytes)
Martha finds an old rotting corpse in the bathtub and it is taken to the hospital for research purposes. In the meantime, Joe returns from the dead and heads for his secret love (?), Martha, for a little visit.
Martha gets her eye popped out (2936 bytes) Dicky and Emily (2420 bytes)
Martha joins the ocular trauma club when Joe slams the back or her head up against a spike in the wall. Soon after that a group of zombies visit our blind friend Emily. Her trusted German Shepherd, Dicky, chases away all the zombies as would be expected from a good dog. But then Dicky turns on her...
Dicky and Emily 2(3285 bytes) Drivin' to the hospital (2571 bytes)
...and violently rips her throat out. After doing a little reading John realizes that Liza is not insane and that there is actually something strange going on. together they make their way to the hospital.
The hospital at night (3519 bytes) John and Liza check out the empty hospital (5300 bytes)
They arrive at the (very dark) hospital to find that it is seemingly void of all life. Very strange...
Zombies grab Liza (6169 bytes) zombies (5960 bytes)
Zombies break through a wall and terrorize poor Liza. John impresses her with his shooting abilities and protects her from the sea of ghouls. We are treated to a lot of cool zombie splatter.
Schmeikel (3806 bytes) Face-off (4926 bytes)
After numerous zombie problems, the two meet up with a zombie that seems to be much deader than the rest of the ghouls we have seen thus far. Will they escape from the hospital with their lives and sanity? You'll just have to score a copy of this masterpiece to find out for yourself.


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