Directed by
Marino Girolami

Writing credits
Fabrizio De Angelis 
Romano Scandariato

Complete credited cast: 
Ian McCulloch .... Dr. Peter Chandler 
Alexandra Delli Colli .... Lori Ridgway 
Sherry Buchanan .... Susan Kelly 
Peter O'Neal .... George 
Donald O'Brien .... Dr. Obrero 
Walter Patriarca 
Linda Fumis 
Dakkar .... Moloto 
Roberto Resra 

Also Known As:

  • Doctor Butcher M.D. (1979) (USA: recut version)
  • Dr. Butcher M.D. (1979) (USA: recut version)
  • Dr. Butcher, Medical Deviate (1979) (USA: video title)
  • Island of the Last Zombies (1979)
  • Medical Deviate (1979)
  • Queen of the Cannibals (1979)
  • Regina dei cannibali, La (1979) (Italy: alternative title)
  • Zombie 3 (1979) (USA)
  • Zombie Holocaust (1979) (UK)

Runtime: Australia:88 / USA:81 
Country: Italy 
Language: Italian 
Color: Color 
Sound Mix: Mono 
Certification: Australia:R / France:-16 / Germany:18 / Netherlands:16 / UK:18 (heavily cut) / USA:R 


Donald O'Brien

Alexandra Delli Colli

Ian McCulloch

Sherry Buchanan, Peter O'Neal and the rest

One for the ladies

Lending a hand

Have a heart

You'll never take me alive!


Another zombie

A cannibal gets whacked

Good thing they had an outboard motor

What have we here?

An eye trick!

After the cannibals

After the zombies

Spike trap

Throat slash

Bone saw

"Peeling her cap back"

Talk about short hair

"I'm determined to have your brain!"

Our hero under the knife

Uh oh, more zombies
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