Wild Zero (Japan, 1999)

Wild Zero

"Rock'n'Roll JET-Movie"
"Thrill, Speed, and Stupid Zombies"
"The Great Psycho of Them All"

Directed by Tetsuro Takeuchi

Guitar Wolf - himself
Bass Wolf - himself
Drum Wolf - himself
Masahi Endo - Ace
Kwancharu Shitichai - Tobio
Makoto Inamiya - Captain 
Taneko - Hanako 
Yoshiyuki Morishita - Toshi 
Shiro Namiki - Kondo 
Naruka Nakajo - Yamazaki

Captures taken from the King Records R2 DVD.

Ace obviously having a good time at a Guitar Wolf show

Guitar Wolf and his flaming microphone

Ace prepares to rock the Captain

Guitar Wolf drinks beer in The Captain's office

Ace shouts "Rock and Roll will never die"

Guitar Wolf is a wicked shot

The Captain screams in pain at the loss of his digits

Guitar Wolf and Ace exchange Rock and Roll blood

Shouting "Rock and Roll" before leaving the scene

The Captain shoots at Guitar Wolf and the band

Hanako, Toshi, and Kondo argue about money

Ace unwittingly foils a gas station robbery

Ace gabs it up with Tobio

After leaving the station, Ace runs into hungry zombies

He returns to the gas station to save Tobio

Tobio and Ace beat their feet

Toshi and Hanako discover their friend being devoured

Toshi and Hanako flee from the walking dead

Mandatory nudity from the arms dealer

Bass Wolf and Drum Wolf keep their cool.

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