This is a collection of media from the initial releases of "The Lost World" (1960) in the Pacific Northwest.

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The Lost World (1960)
Professor Challenger leads an expedition of scientists and adventurers to a remote plateau deep in the Amazonian jungle to verify his claim that dinosaurs still live there.
Director:Irwin Allen
Writers: Charles Bennett, Irwin Allen, Arthur Conan Doyle
Stars: Michael Rennie, Claude Rains, David Hedison, Jill St. John
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July 19, 1960 ad (Portland)

July 20, 1960 ad (Portland)

July 20, 1960 article (Portland)

July 20, 1960 photo (Portland)

July 20, 1960 ad (Portland)

August 2, 1960 ad (Seattle) 

August 3, 1960 photo (Seattle) 

August 3, 1960 ad (Seattle) 

August 4, 1960 ad (Seattle) 

August 5, 1960 ad (Seattle) 

August 7, 1960 photo (Seattle) 

The Lost World (1960) poster

The Lost World (1960) trailer
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