The following is a collection of print media from the initial runs of 1945's "Mom and Dad" in the Pacific Northwest. This was pure exploitation in the guise of an educational film, the most successful of the "sex hygiene" genre. Kroger Babb ran this one all over the country for years, with "nurses" and an actor playing "Radio's Famous Hygiene Commentator Elliot Forbes" always in attendance. Word has it that celebrated athlete Jesse Owens would appear in predominantly Black areas rather than "Elliot Forbes." For more on the fascinating history of this film check out (opens in new window).

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Mom and Dad (1945)
When a high school girl gets pregnant and the boyfriend dies, the sex-ed teacher shows her a film about childbirth and the dangers of venereal disease.
Director: William Beaudine
Writers: Mildred Horn (story, screenplay), Kroger Babb (screenplay)
Stars: June Carlson, Lois Austin, George Eldredge

June 6, 1948 ad (Portland)

June 5, 1948 article (Portland)

June 7, 1948 ad (Portland)

June 7, 1948 ad (Portland)

June 9, 1948 ad (Portland)

July 26, 1948 ad (Seattle)

July 27, 1948 ad (Seattle)

July 28, 1948 ad (Seattle)

July 28, 1948 ad (Seattle)

July 29, 1948 ad (Seattle)

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