The following is a collection of print media from the initial runs of 1945's "House of Dracula" in the Pacific Northwest.

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House of Dracula (1945)
The Wolf Man and Count Dracula beg Dr. Edelman to cure them of their killing instincts but Dracula schemes to seduce the doctor's nurse.
Director: Erle C. Kenton
Writers: Edward T. Lowe Jr.(screenplay), Dwight V. Babcock(story, uncredited), George Bricker (story, uncredited)
Stars: Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine, Lionel Atwill, Martha O'Driscoll

April 11, 1946 ad (Portland)

April 11, 1946 photo (Portland)

April 10, 1946 ad (Portland)

April 10, 1946 article (Portland)

April 12, 1946 ad (Portland)

April 12, 1946 article (Portland)

April 9, 1946 photo (Portland)

January 13, 1946 ad (Seattle) - Sorry for the cruddy Seattle coverage, several days of papers around this time are missing.

House of Dracula (1945) trailer

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