This is a collection of media from other films that played the Pacific Northwest in 1958.

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This page will start out with a nice AIP double-feature. This pairing took a while to make it to the PNW. 

Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (1957)
A group of lonely Viking women build a ship and set off across the sea to locate their missing menfolk, only to fall into the clutches of the barbarians that also hold their men captive. There is a cameo appearance by a sea serpent.
Director: Roger Corman
Writers: Lawrence L. Goldman (screenplay), Irving Block (story)
Stars: Abby Dalton, Susan Cabot, Bradford Jackson
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The Astounding She-Monster (1957)
A gang of crooks has kidnapped a rich heiress come up against a beautiful, but lethal alien who has crash-landed her spaceship on Earth.
Director: Ronald V. Ashcroft
Writers: Frank Hall (story and screenplay)
Stars: Robert Clarke, Kenne Duncan, Marilyn Harvey

April 16, 1958 ad (Seattle)

April 17, 1958 ad (Seattle)

April 18, 1958 ad (Seattle)

August 16, 1958 ad (Portland)

August 17, 1958 ad (Portland)

Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (1957) trailer
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The Astounding She-Monster (1957) trailer

 Next up is a pair of films about female juvenile delinquents.

Girls on the Loose (1958)
Vera (Mara Corday) runs a nightclub that's really a front for her secret operation: an all-female crime ring that's been pulling off heist after heist. The gang does a major job with the help of Agnes (Abby Dalton), a new recruit and insider with access to a bank's payroll.
Director: Paul Henreid
Writers: Alan Friedman (screenplay), Julian Harmon (story), Dorothy Raison(screenplay)
Stars: Mara Corday, Lita Milan, Barbara Bostock

Live Fast, Die Young (1958)
Two teen sisters leave their no-good father for a lurid life on the road.
Director: Paul Henreid
Writers: Allen Rivkin (screenplay), Ib Melchior (screenplay), Edwin B. Watson(story)
Stars: Mary Murphy, Norma Eberhardt, Mike Connors

April 17, 1958 ad (Portland)

April 17, 1958 ad (Seattle)

April 18, 1958 ad (Portland)

April 18, 1958 ad (Seattle)

Girls on the Loose (1958) trailer

Live Fast, Die Young (1958) trailer

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