The following is a collection of print media from the initial runs of 1958's "How to Make a Monster" in the Pacific Northwest. "Teenage Caveman" (1958) was the second feature in both Seattle and Portland. Note the Seattle ads claiming "NORTHWEST PREMIERE" even though the billing ran in portland over a month before.

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How to Make a Monster (1958)
When a master monster make-up artist is sacked by the new bosses of American International studios, he uses his creations to exact revenge.
Director: Herbert L. Strock
Writers: Aben Kandel (story), Herman Cohen (story)
Stars: Robert H. Harris, Paul Brinegar, Gary Conway
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Teenage Caveman (1958)
A young man defies tribal laws and searches for answers. The result of his quest yields knowledge of past generations.
Director: Roger Corman
Writer: R. Wright Campbell (screenplay)
Stars: Robert Vaughn, Darah Marshall, Leslie Bradley
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June 2, 1958 ad (Portland)

June 2, 1958 article (Portland)

June 2, 1958 ad (Portland)

June 3, 1958 ad (Portland)

June 4, 1958 article (Portland)

July 22, 1958 ad (Seattle)

July 23, 1958 ad (Seattle)

July 24, 1958 ad (Seattle)

July 25, 1958 ad (Seattle)


How to Make a Monster (1958) trailer
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Teenage Caveman (1958) trailer
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