The following is a collection of print media from the initial runs of 1957's "The Brain from Planet Arous" in the Pacific Northwest. "Teenage Monster" (1957) was the second feature in both Seattle and Portland. Portland got this bill over a full year after Seattle did.

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The Brain from Planet Arous (1957)
An evil alien brain from the planet Arous hijacks the body of an Earth scientist in order to control the Earth.
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Ray Buffum (screenplay)
Stars: John Agar, Joyce Meadows, Robert Fuller
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Teenage Monster (1957)
In 1880 a young boy is exposed to the effects of a meteor and becomes an ugly killer monster, as his mother hides him in her new house and tries to stop his killing.
Director: Jacques R. Marquette
Writer: Ray Buffum
Stars: Anne Gwynne, Stuart Wade, Gloria Castillo
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March 14, 1958 ad (Seattle)

March 13, 1958 ad (Seattle)

March 15, 1958 ad (Seattle)

September 29, 1959 ad (Portland)

September 30, 1959 ad (Portland)

September 31, 1959 ad (Portland)

The Brain from Planet Arous (1957) trailer
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Teenage Monster (1957) trailer
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