The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

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The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

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Okay, here's the obligatory review for the third and final installment of the official Swedish adaptation of Stieg Larsson's "Millennium" trilogy. (Yes, there's supposedly a fourth chapter that we're never going to get to read OR see, but rest assured that the third time was, indeed, the charm and that a satisfying conclusion will be found here.)

I say "obligatory" because there's scarcely any point in my reviewing this film. I can't imagine that there's a single one of you reading this who plans to see THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET'S NEST if you haven't already seen the first two films. Or read the books first.

So let me just say this much. The filmmaking standards have been maintained. Noomi Rapace continues to shine as the perfect screen embodiment of one of the most fascinating literary characters to emerge in recent years. Her story arc comes to a resolution that scarcely invites argument. And more importantly, the filmmakers have demonstrated the proper knack for adapting and condensing a lengthy novel into a manageable cinematic entertainment.

Let me go all the way back to 1981's GHOST STORY. I thought the movie adaptation (while it had its moments) was a frightful waste of a wonderfully detailed and layered Peter Straub novel. So much jettisoned. So much simplified. So much they COULD have done and chose NOT to.

Then go back even further and look at Brian DePalma's CARRIE. Now, if you read the book, you know that the book encompassed plenty that the movie didn't touch. But it didn't matter--the movie knew just WHAT to keep and HOW to play it, and it still worked like the proverbial charm.

With GHOST STORY, I tell people to go back and read the book if they want to know what it REALLY should have been like. But with CARRIE, I simply suggest that the book ENHANCES what the movie gave you. If you read the book first, then you had a great experience... and when you saw the movie, you saw the heart and soul of the written work beautifully interpreted on screen even though you knew darn well that there were plenty of things that didn't translate.

There's your "Millennium" trilogy on film. Expertly condensed, beautifully acted and compelling throughout. If you've read the books first, you won't feel cheated. And if you haven't read the books, do so--they will add so much more to your appreciation of this story.

Notice how I didn't say a single word about the specific story, actions or characters here? I shouldn't have to. This is the CONCLUSION, after all...

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Re: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

Post by Kimberly »

With the second film adaptation being a huge disappointment to me... I was very happy with the final part of the series. This book was my least favorite too...

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