Tri City club contact info

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200 Bucks
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Tri City club contact info

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Does anybody here have any good contacts in The Tri Cities that books Metal/Punk and have a decent venue I.E Stage Sound Lights etc etc. I'm looking to book a show over there the first week of Jan. Any help would be appreciated. I really don't like using the Myspace thing if i dont have too......:swear:
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Scott (S2C)
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Post by Scott (S2C) »

Main club I know of out there for punk and metal is Ray's Golden Lion in Richland.

Don't know who does the booking there nowadays though.

Somebody on here should have their info though.

and yes, they have a myspace page. :devil:

Good luck
~Scott (a.k.a Weasel-Boy/ The Punk Rock Ewok)~
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Post by MistressSpin » ... =330430556

To my knowledge, the Ray's Golden Lion My Space Page does not get you to anyone who does booking...usually just get a response that they don't do the booking.

VIRUS Presents is the only person I currently know of who is booking at Ray's. I say that because I see no other advertisement going on of shows at Ray's Golden Lion other than from this guy.

I have tried contacting him via his My Space and his e-mail, as he requests, but I have never received a response from him.

The scene in the Tri-Cities has, for the most part, gone "underground". I don't see as many public events and venues as I once did. This could be, in part because I don't live there, however I am down there 3 weekends a month and don't ever hear about anything going advertisement and/or promotions is at a minimum.....

LOL...clear as mud? :D

Hope this helps...and good luck.
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