District 13: Ultimatum

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District 13: Ultimatum

Post by Remo D » Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:06 pm

Hey, remember DISTRICT 13 (or as I preferred to call it, DISTRICT B13, and not to be confused with any other recent DISTRICT movies)? That was the one where a section of Paris had been walled off as a "no man's land," and a cop (Cyril Rafaelli as Damien) and a crook (David Belle as Leito) had to team up to keep the place from getting nuked? That was a dynamic Luc Besson production (directed by Pierre Morel, who went on to TAKEN and FROM PARIS WITH LOVE) highlighting the CGI-free fighting/acrobatic art of "Parkour" to breathtaking effect...

Okay, it's been five real years, but only three movie years. The government reneged on its promise to make things better in B13... and a conniving security chief has now hatched a plan to start a civil war... he's set up the citizens, but somebody has a recording of what really happened, etc. etc. Long story short, Damien and Leito have to team up to save the day again.

The plot is old hat and, frankly, uninspired. But can the guys still Parkour? Yes, they can still Parkour, and you'll get your share of the best non-simulated action since the days of vintage Jackie Chan. Meantime, the duo needs to enlist the aid of a multicultural conglomerate to fight the power and speak truth to the President... but they also get to engage in some indoor driving in a wonderfully ludicrous scene... you see how this goes.

Sadly missing from this followup (without explanation) is Dany Verissimo (aka Ally McTyana) as Lola, even though she can be seen in the reprise of the ending of the first film. On the other hand, you DO get Elodie Yung as Tao, who gets to do her thing all too briefly... it will suffice to say that she's good to have around when things get hairy.

New director Patrick Alessandrin handles the action with perfect flair, but not even he can keep things from seeming a bit stale when it comes to the obligatory plot functions... and much as I admire Luc Besson, his latest scripts have been tending towards the screamingly obvious: now, I was the first to groan at the "Royale with Cheese" bit from PARIS, but this one's even worse--sure, satire inspired by the Iraq War is fair game, but really... HARRIBURTON?

In all, this is a pleasant (if a bit overlong) follow-up which will please those in it strictly for the action. Enjoy what you get, don't walk out on the end credits, and don't hold your breath for a third installment.

But are they REALLY remaking the original in America as BRICK MANSION???
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Post by Kimberly » Wed May 05, 2010 4:20 pm

almost picked this one up... as the original is just rad!

not in so much of a rush now... thx :D

speaking of sequels... got ong bak II here that i really need to get around to watching.

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