The Dark Knight

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Post by MuC »

loved it...cant wait to see it again...
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Post by Evil Red »

I won't need to flip any coins to know I'll be going back to see it again. GOOD LORD!

My insatiable love for super heros and villians just won't allow it. I'm SUPER stoked for the Watchman as well. I've already been waiting two years for this one to be made.

Damn you 2009! :chainsaw:
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Post by Jenzy »

I have yet to see it. . . .


Maybe I'll catch it on Sunday. . . .
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Post by Attila_the_Hun*S2C* »

It was indeed badass!
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Post by Jonathan »

We saw it last night.

Awesome and epic.

I was never sold on Heath Ledger being casted as the Joker, or him being an actor for that matter. But he nailed the role. Subtle, disturbing and scary charactor.

And... Maggie Gyllenhaal...
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