Momento and Amores Perros

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Momento and Amores Perros

Post by Kimberly »

Momento... Honestly I can't see what the big stink was about this film. Sure I have to give kudos for doing a very original film but there's something about it... can't say what it was fer sure but something about it that I just didn't like. Maybe the lead... dunno.... I just didn't care for it.

Amores Perros... Just watched this one last night and I really liked this one. I love movies where the storys over lap with each other. I didn't watch the end credits but I will assume that no dogs were hurt in the making of that film? Then again it is a spanish film and I don't know what their animal in film laws are so who knows... all I know was that it looked pretty real to me at times. Anyhooo... I was enthralled with each of the three stories and found that the 2 1/2 hours of this one just flew by.

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Latte Thunder
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I saw Memento for the first time a little while ago. Maybe it was the hype factor but I felt a little let down by this one. Everyone I knew was telling me that this was one of the best noir flicks they'd ever seen. I thought the concept behind it was very interesting, the way it was cut was very cool and even Joe Pantoliano's acting was great. I was riding along the entire time, really into it, confused as hell (but you're supposed to be) until the ending. I felt so completely let down by the ending. What a bummer.
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Post by Griff [Mola] »

I thought Momento (or Otnemom) was an interesting enough story, keenly told. Definitely fucks with your head while you're watching it but not the absolute classic its sometimes made out to be. Its good to know there are filmmakers out there that are trying...

Yeah, that lead... Guy Pearce is better known in these parts as Mike from the hit Aussie soap 'Neighbours', circa 1987, which makes him a pretty big hurdle for the likes of this fool.

Still, you gotta love Joe Pants.

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