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Finally caught up to this one. Given it's weak opening and the fact that it isn't even in the "top ten" this week, I decided to catch it on the big screen while I still had time. I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie and didn't think it was as bad as the critics are saying (what do they know anyway?). My only complaint is that is seems to whitewash the "Frank and Jesse James" story and give it a somewhat lighthearted approach. That aside, this has all the stuff you could expect from a western. The acting is fairly decent, with Timothy Dalton standing out as a villain. I wouldn't go as far as to call this a great movie. The performances and story could've both used a little fine-tuning. But it still delivers in the right places to please western fans. Best bet is to catch this at a matinee or wait for video. It seems like that very few westerns are made these days, so I was more than happy to take in this one. But it still doesn't make me forget TOMBSTONE or UNFORGIVEN.
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