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Please. I have two children. Did you think I honestly would NOT see this one? Tell you true, however, the one they DON'T want to see is THE POLAR EXPRESS, and I don't blame them!

But you know--I probably would have sneaked a look at the SPONGEBOB movie anyway. I'll never forget the first time I was exposed to that show. It was quite by accident, we were gearing up for a hard day's work... when what to my wondering eyes should appear? I am watching a psychotic starfish. He thinks he was stiffed on his Valentine's Day present (even though it was a misunderstanding). And he finally goes berserk at a Valentine's carnival, screaming "HEART ON STICK MUST DIE!!!"

Wow. Now THAT'S a cartoon! Plenty more silly fun where that came from, of course--but the movie was unavoidable.

Why get into it? It's extremely goofball, it's exaggerated, it pretends to be rude (quite often), it moves very quickly (thank goodness there are no preliminary Nicktoons or any other such crap)--some parts work better than others. My favorite sequence takes place in a shipwrecked tugboat in the tough part of town ("WHO BLEW THAT BUBBLE??") You've probably already heard who the live-action celebrity cameo belongs to... it goes on a bit, but his last bit is worth waiting for--and Alec Baldwin (or his voice) is a hoot as "Dennis," a biker/hitman with a very big boot. Oh. Jeffrey Tambor steals every scene he's in as King Neptune. "BALD! BALD! MY EYES! MY EYES!"

Kids loved it--wife and I smiled throughout.

Sure, THE INCREDIBLES is the superior film without a second thought. But there's still something likable here, and I've got nothing to complain about... except where the HELL was Patchy the Pirate?
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THE INCREDIBLES kicked ass but so dose sponge bob
vox for sonata

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I am a diehard Spongebob fan. I have the entire collection of Spongebob Boxers, and I wear them proudly! I was nervous about the movie though because I thought for sure that it was going to suck. My kids really wanted to go, so I took them last weekend to go see it.....I give it a thumbs-up! It was actually quite funny.
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