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Post by BigHurknFrontman »

Was this a one-off gig for the Braindead, or are they gonna be doing this full-tilt again?
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Post by I am 138 »

Good to catch up with everyone that was there. I timed my trip home well...
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Post by ophidian »

Morbid wrote:Sooooooooo... what did The Braindead's line up look like? :D

The chubby guy (C.C. Manatee)was still playing guitar with them, wobbling around on stage with his x-ray vision glasses on. I hung out in the bar and got to witness Team Born Defiant on the video screen. They rocked pretty hard though.


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Post by Evil Red »

ophidian wrote:FORBIDDEN was fckng killer!!!! I haven't seen them since 1992 and it was cool seeing Steve Symth kick ass live again in the aftermath of his Nevermore days.

The ever-sexy Evil Red was looking hot as always which leaves me somewhat speechless and nervous in her presence.


Ahhhhh.... :)

The Braindead with their especially 'meaty' sound quality, even with missing members was the highlight of my night. ~And startling Ophi into a hug, of course. And, AND my hand delivered Folgerizer CD. Thank you again, Jonathan!
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Post by mickey brown-eye »

ophidian wrote:Exactly - the magic being: maybe being able to see one video on Headbanger's Ball from a band you liked or just got into and wanting more. Going to a CD store and finding their discs and holding them in your hand looking at the cover artwork and buying them, then listening to them while looking through the CD booklet and remaining artwork, reading the credits and everything on the last page and then sending a money order into the fan club for an occasional newsletter and sticker, etc

Waiting for their next video to debut, while flipping through the pages of Metal Maniacs and tearing full color pages out and taping them to your wall and then hearing about their tour dates and actually going to see real human beings play the same material live, and in a setting where everyone is psyched to be there, and the band actually has a tour bus because the label is making enough money selling CDs to pay for one and discovering new bands that are opening for them instead of spending a few minutes on their myspace page or downloading music that took them months to write and record and studio time to be paid - that you just push a button to get online for free.

It was a simpler time, and in a way a better time.

...Those were the days...
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Post by Clark Chaos »

I doubt, you'll see us in full tilt again. Everyone is too busy. We will do what we can, when we can.

The CD for PIG Records is coming along great. I'll try to get Roscoe to post some samples up on here.
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