New Adema?

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New Adema?

Post by Morbid »

What happened!?
I saw their new video last on Headbangers Ball, and I literally got a stomach ache because of how boring the song was. I will admit I liked some of their older stuff, but this new singer they got, what happened!? The music is somewhat there, but the vocals are just boring. :whine:
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Post by AllocesThroat »

i think adema sucks. what other bands do you listen too?
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Post by Stapled_Mouth_Shut »

I dont care for Adema either at all, but we all have different tastes, what other bands do you guys like?

What did you think of the All That Remains Video for "This Blackened Heart"
I thought it sounded kick ass, but I like those kinds of lyrics

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Post by Moses »

adema is the epitomy of suck. i almost had to see them when i went to see Dope play but thankfully they "broke up" the morning before the show so motograter filled in.

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