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Rain de Leon

Post by Rain de Leon »

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Post by creatrix777 »

Jethro Tull - Stand Up

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust + The Spiders From Mars

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast

Dimmu Borgir - Stormblast

Opeth - Morningrise

Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder, Follow The Reaper
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Post by {DeAdGuY} »

Apartment 223 with body parts under my bed
cut your abdomen out stab your fuckin leather coat
I chant while candles burn with robes on
You will learn
Christian no Hebrew on the the balcony I see you
The devils coffin with corpse of course
In a mental state earthquake
Schitzophrenic eatin' Campbells soup
Takin a piss urinalysis test
I hope you wear a fuckin bullet proof vest
Just purchased the charter arms .38
Then you entered the confetti hell gate
On the floor bloody towels on sculptures
Machine gun suitcases, for all you niggaz with 2 faces
Mass murder, should have been in San Quentin
I'm doin'life to ten, when I come home you goddamn
right I'm goin back again
Fuck the drinks on the table
While you sleep I take pictures of bullets in your navel
Open your face and pour milk in your forehead
Count the bodies, that's four dead
Look behind your fuckin' back
With the drill bit in your ass crack, EXTREME PRESSURE
Teach you a lesson
Fuck your confession of evil I march with black sheep on the Sunset streets
With hoods like Dracula
I walk in back of ya
Draggin your stomach parts to McDonalds
Drinkin Absolut bottles and bottles, while you tryin'
to fuck with the most exotic models
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Post by Adremelech »

Rush - Exit...Stage Left

Followed Closely by:

Rush- Hemispheres
The Tea Party - Splendor Solis
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Megadeth - Rust in Peace
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Post by Cursedratmonkey »

From platters to splatter-Exhumed
Torn from The Grave-Autopsy
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Post by RP »

Originally posted by RP
Pick a "Tea Party" album..

Except for the new one. :mad:
Seven Circles is maybe THE MOST dissapointing album I can remember.
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Post by Adremelech »

Originally posted by RP
Except for the new one. :mad:
Seven Circles is maybe THE MOST dissapointing album I can remember. are right, unfortunately.

Their independent CD kicks ass, then "Splendor Solis" and "Edges of Twilight" are untouchable. Those two albums are beyond brilliant. "Transmission" was good, but it marked the start of their downhill slide. The albums got progressively worse beginning with that one...

Their concerts got progressively worse beginning with the "Triptych" tour. The "Splendor Solis" and "Edges of Twilight" tours were religious experiences for me. The "Transmission" show at the Moore Theater was also amazing. It was easily the best sounding concert that I've ever been to. The Triptych show almost put me to sleep though, as did the two shows that I've seen of them since then. I HATE how they bastardize their older songs now. Grrrrr.
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Post by RP »

I believe the fall began at Interzone Mantras..
I think everything til TRIPtych is untouchable.
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Post by RP »

Debating the facts of where the fall began is irrelevant.
It has happened..
NOW i believe is when they will try to come into the American market.. After their song with SCOTT STAPP comes out. (And god wept)
The worst time..
People are gonna be like, "have you heard this band the Tea Party." NO WHO ARE THEY?

After being so revolutionary.. They go and put out garbage.
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Post by Adremelech »

I agree that everything up to Triptych is incredible. I just place Splendor and Edges a notch above Transmission and Triptych, I didn't mean to imply that those two albums weren't great. Interzone Mantras has 2 songs on it that I like...I am VERY disappointed with it, and the new album...oh the humanity. :D

As far as making it in the US, KISW promoted the hell out of them for Splendor, which made western WA the most popular part of the country for them. They flopped everywhere else. They tried to make it in the states over the next two albums, but they never caught on. "Transmission" was the last album even released in the US. Kathy Faulkner from KISW (she's a major Teahead...she and I used to talk a lot about the band) told me that bands rarely, if ever get a fourth shot at making it, so that's why they didn't even bother with the US from the late 90's onward. They are the biggest band in Australia, and HUGE in Canada and other parts of the world, so I don't think they cared too much about not making it in the states....

...We interrupt this post to bring you this bulletin: The Tea Party have officially sold out by recording with Scott Stapp. They are guaranteed to suck dog balls, which means that the American public will eat them up now. I guess the Tea will get their fourth chance after all. So sad.
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Post by JDemon »

Demolition Hammer wrote:CD/cassette/vinyl/8-track/reel-to-reel. Whatever the format, what is the album you've listened to more than any other.

Mine is Def Leppard "Hysteria". Probably listened to it 500 times.
Haha. Probably the same for me. That's the first album I ever bought (back in 5th grade...1988) and I just happened to listen to it a few times in the past week even.

Oops...sorry for resurrecting this thread. I found it by accident.
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Post by Evil Red »

Sepultura ~ Arise
Napalm Death ~ Harmony Corruption
GN'R ~ Appetite for Destruction
Slayer ~ South of Heaven / Reign in Blood
Megadeth ~ So far, so what

I still rarely leave home without those and had to replace them all at least once.
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Post by Project Undead Vish »

Pantera - Far Beyond Driven
Six Feet Under - Haunted

pantera's fbd edges out sfu's haunted, but not by much.
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theres loads of albulms ive listened to--these ones are still the soundtrack to me life:

1.old dirty bastard:return 2 the 36 chambers
2.cockney rejects:the punk singles
3.4 skins:the good the bad the 4 skins
4.alice cooper:greatest hits
5.buthole surfers:locust abortion clinic sabbath:paranoid
7.happy mondays:pills,thrills,belly aches
8.pantera:vulgar display of power
9,scissorfight:cloven horse blues
10.bad brains:bad brains a nation of millions to hold us back

hehe i usedto listen to public enemy all day long when i was about 10 hehe---evry albulm on there at one time in my life has been double rinsed in my house.........alice cooper desperado...fuckin hell at least once a day "your a nothing,im a legend,one of these days im ganna shoot u down" lyrics danne come much better than that :metalhead
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Post by Adremelech »

Hands down....

Rush: Exit...Stage Left.
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Post by MuC »

the misfits - walk among us
the cure - pornography
tool - aenema
marilyn manson - mechanical animals
[url=]pill brigade[/url]

ABORTION KILLS!!!! isnt that the point?...i love [url=]bounty hunter[/url]

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Post by AllocesThroat »

Marduk-World Funeral
My Dying Bride-Turn Loose the Swans
Mayhem-DE mysteriis
Krisiun-Conquerors of Armageddon
Slayer-Show No Mercy
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Post by mickey brown-eye »

Faith No More -Angel Dust
Gwar -Scumdogs of the Universe
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Post by Irrylath »

Def Leppard-Hysteria
close runners-up:
Pink Floyd-The Wall
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Post by ophidian »

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Post by promegarick »

RP wrote:Except for the new one. :mad:
Seven Circles is maybe THE MOST dissapointing album I can remember.
I havent heard it yet. I own every other one though and put them in a place all of thier own. To me, "The Edges Of Twilight" (despite all the shit about how they are a bunch of Led Zepplin wannabes, which is bullshit!!) is the most musiclly brilliant album I think I've ever heard. Interzone Mantra took a while for me, but, I've come to love it like I do all the others. Jeff's vocals almost dident sound like himself. Is it like that on the new one too??

A few other ones on my list would be,

Floater - Sink/Angels In the Flesh/Burning Sosobra
Nirvana - Bleech
Primus - Pork Soda
Porno For Pyros - Good Gods Urge
Janes Addiction - Anything by them!
Blind Melon - Soup/Blind Melon
Led Zepplin - II
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Post by KenSONATA »

Crass - Stations of the Crass
Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill
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Post by BurntShadows »

mickey brown-eye wrote:Faith No More -Angel Dust
Gwar -Scumdogs of the Universe
I'll have to agree on Scumdogs with you!I think I've listened to that on every drug I've ever done.Many times.GWAR!!!!!
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Post by -deathboy- »

three i absolutely positively cannot live without :

~slayer~ "hell awaits"
~insane poetry~ "grim reality"
~antonio vivaldi~ "the four seasons"
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Post by von_sargeth »

xxx maniac...harvesting the cunt nectar
alienation mental...ball spouter
conqueror...war cult supremecy
bathory....all of them
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