Boycott EMI records

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Boycott EMI records

Post by DeathFrogg »

OK folks, its time to get nasty. For a couple of decades now, the record companies have been overtly manipulating the market. They blow off new musicians or change their work to make it more appealing to "the wider market". The reality is, they would rather make money than music. And will stop at nothing to reduce their own costs to increase the profit margin.

They wont take the time to record someone who isn't fucking Micheal Jackson or Hannah Montana. Prefabricated, committee-driven mass-maufactured crap that is more fit to put in an office building elevator than the radio.

Now, they are refusing to allow access to their catalogs by the smaller mom and pop record stores that used to be all over the place but are now almost impossible to find. The honest small buisinessman is being driven out of buisiness by Wally world and Costco and the big chains, who never carry the local bands or the smaller niche market artists. The honest musicians who actually take the time and make the effort to create real music are being told to go fuck themselves.

Technically, this is illegal. Boycott, means don't do buisiness with them, in any way shape or form. Don't buy their products, don't apply for jobs with them, don't try to get them to records you as they probably wont anyway unless you are stupid, blond and pretty and know how to hire people who know how to work the autotuner.

Boycott EMI, spread the word.

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Post by Project Undead Vish »

I steal all of my music anyhow.
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Post by Adremelech »

DeathFrogg wrote: The honest small buisinessman is being driven out of buisiness by Wally world and Costco and the big chains

It's the masses of people who take their business to Costco and Wally World who are putting the small guys out of business.

I'm with you though. The big record companies are evil. Thankfully the intenet will render them obsolete before too long. People are less dependent on the radio to hear new bands, so the record companies have less and less control of the distribution of music as the internet slowly takes over.
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I have been boycotting not only EMI, but all companies that make CDs for close to 2 decades now. No problem.
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Post by soundguy »

Haven't bought an RIAA recording in 10 years

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Post by Blake NWR »

I'm more about vinyl now. :D
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arrrrrr I be a pirate
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I have Sex Pistols stuck in my head now.
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