Exterminator 2

Exterminator 2 

Sequel to the enjoyable original can't really compare in quality. Robert Ginty returns as the Vietnam vet loner John Eastland who spends his time roasting thugs and punks using a blowtorch. Eastland eventually becomes friends with a black garbage man and he also starts up a relationship with an aspiring dancer. The original film plot is put into motion as Eastland's girl is crippled by a punk gang sending him into an unflinching rage thirsting for vengeance against the party responsible.

Mario Van Peebles is X, the "sadistic" gang leader whose hairstyle tends to change back and forth from scene to scene (continuity problems, yes, I think so). Peebles is about as scary as a 99 year old lady (wait, damn, that is scary!) and his character is incredibly unconvincing and annoying. Ginty could never act but at least in the original he played a good regular guy role where you could level with his character and his acting fit the bill nicely, this is not the case here. Missing as well is Christopher George's character, his infamous bit of dialogue from the original is a keepsake. I noticed the time frame of the movie is very noticeable, take a look at it and tell me its not smack dab in the early eighties, this one is a prime example of the 80's time frame.

Exterminator 2 is generic and the conclusion between Eastland and X who runs around shouting "Johnny!" is out of place. Not much here at all. Go out and get yourself a copy of the original "Exterminator collectors edition", its worth it.

Rating: 1 out of 5

"It's a good thing they "Exterminated" this series after the sequel."

Richard Taylor



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