Evil Dead Trap

Evil Dead Trap (1989) 99 min
Director: Toshiharu Ikeda
Cast: Miyuki Ono, Fumi Katsuragi, Hitomi Kobayashi 
FX: Hidekazu Kishiura

Nami, a late-night Television reporter, receives a package that is addressed to her and “those who can’t sleep”. She opens the package to find a videotape inside. The videotape contained a gory scene of a girl being mutilated in a snuff sort of style. At the end of the tape right after the girl is killed the tape is frozen and a picture of Nami pops up on the screen. The next morning, along with a couple of coworkers she travels to the location where the killing was filmed. They arrive at the place only to find it deserted, except for a mysterious man and the fact that there is something stalking them, viewing everything quickly and in black and white. (Shades of Evil Dead) After searching the premises for a long time they finally come up to the exact building in which the murder took place. One by one they each succumb to violent deaths; until we are left with Nami. In the end we are treated to a cool mutation as Nami finds out who is behind everything. All in all a very good movie, reminding me of an Argento flick with its visual set pieces and graphic gore scenes. It was not the rip-off that one would expect by reading the title. Check it out.

Blood and Guts: B+

Doug Brotherton



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